Type Rating Training

Skyblue Aero Services provides Type Rating Courses for the ATR 42/72 series aircraft. Our experienced team provide full time hands-on support and coaching through all phases of training.

The objective of the course is to train cockpit crew to operate the aircraft safely, efficiently and smoothly, and in accordance with the approved Operating Manuals.

  • 1. Frozen ATPL
  • 2. Valid Multi-engine Instrument Rating
  • 3. Minimum of 70 hours pilot in command
  • 4. Class 1 Medical
  • 5. MCC Qualification
  • We aim to complete the course within 5 calendar weeks.

    Our ground school takes place at the Simtech Training Centre in Dublin. This option provides single location training enabling costs to be reduced. We may also be able to conduct training at an operator’s own facilities. Please contact us for more information.

    The Synthetic Flight Training (simulator) is usually completed at the Simtech Training Centre in Dublin. The ATR 72-500 Full Flight Simulator is approved to Level D in accordance EASA Part-ORA. All training is conducted by our own highly experienced training staff.

    We can provide an aircraft for the aircraft training phase. Alternatively we can provide an instructor to enable customers to use their own aircraft