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Andy Foan

Skyblue Aero Services Ltd. was founded by Captain Andy Foan and Mrs Lesley Williams in 2009. Andy and Lesley formerly ran Skyblue Aviation, a highly respected UK based TRTO and airline consultancy company which Andy started in 2003. Skyblue Aviation provided training services to both self sponsoring pilots and airline companies and quickly established a reputation for excellence. Initially training staff were drawn largely from the ranks of the former CityFlyer Express, itself a very successful airline which was absorbed into British Airways in 2001. In the early days Skyblue Aviation was instrumental in training pilots for Air Wales, Air Contractors and the Coventry based Air Atlantique and in addition quickly built up an extensive client base further afield. The company was eventually able to count amongst its customers, airlines and government agencies throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. Many of those early pilots trained by Skyblue Aviation have subsequently moved on to fly larger jet aircraft for companies such as British Airways, PIA, Ryanair, easyjet as well as other airlines throughout the world.

Following the closure of Skyblue Aviation, Andy and Lesley decided to start a new company, Skyblue Aero Services Ltd, to continue to offer the high quality of training and service that customers of Skyblue Aviation had come to expect.

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